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Dutch sustainable kids and lifestyle brand

Baby Bello is a dutch brand that designs and creates organic toys and accessories for babies and mommies. The company is founded in 2018 by Martijn Kamminga, and is based in Amsterdam.

Baby Bello creates a universe that is highly focussed on the care for your child,

the planet and the future of both.

Designing products that are environmental sustainable - and creating a work model based on ethical principles - BaBy Bello is at the forefront of Human wellbeing,

animal welfare and planetary health.

"We approach all production phases, supply chains and used materials in a environmental and sustainable way, to ensure the highest business ethics and secure the future of your child and our planet at the same time"

- Martijn Kamminga -

founder of BABY BELLO

Underwater mobile - Baby Bello - Ambiance.jpg
Poncho Desert Rose.jpeg
Elvy the Elephant - Natural Havea Teether - Ambiance sqr.jpg
Fantasy Clouds Mobiles Ambiance (Blue, Mustard, Green).jpg
Rib Collection - Baby Bello.jpg
New Rattles - Baby Bello.jpg
Poncho Tapioca3.jpeg
Levy the Lion Rattlestick - Baby Bello - Ambiance.jpg
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