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- Brands and their visions -

Because we all tend to get caught up in the fast life

PLAY is focussed on brands that embrace slowing down

and prioritising sustainable products and natural cycles

Embracing quality over quantity

Valuing human nature

Time - Beauty - Softness

Walking away from highly paced and stressful environments

Rediscovering a natural rhythm

Attention - Eb and flow - Organic growth

Following a natural cycle

- Feeling home -

Schermafbeelding 2022-06-19 om 16.59.10.png

Slow Design is not about pace, it is a mindset. The goal is not necessarily to slow everything down, but reestablish our natural pace. Sometimes it is necessary to use more time in order to do things right.

Through a Slow and mindfull approach to design and my communication, I want to promote a more conscious approach to how the everyday choices you take, has consequences for yourself and others. The designs are all timeless. 

Developing a garment or piece with an emotional connection is also, costumers will keep an article of clothing longer than one season if it sparks joy.

Caring for nature and people are central. Preferably local craftsmanship is the counterweight to mass production and a consumer behaviour that has lost its proportions worldwide. 

  • Producing and stocking less items: limiting waste by not overstocking and also using pattern cutting techniques that produce less fabric waste.

  • Waste control - using deadstock for new garments and leftover fabric pieces for alternative use. The idea is to avoid fabric waste.

  • Choosing quality fabrics - if the fabric is not high quality the product won’t last. The fabric should be sustainable, organic, natural or certified, tested.

  • Urging costumers not to buy low quality, cheap products just because it's on sale or it's cheap. Think about the real cost of that piece.

  • Respecting our environment and nature.

  • Respecting labor.

  • Taking care of our belongings.

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