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we have decided to stop working with seasonal themes as we feel that these do not naturally match our design process. seasonal themes way to often seduce to add styles to the collection just for the sake of telling the story


we are more practical in our thinking and care to offer less, better, and on point. we are also not fashion in the sense of providing total newness every season. instead, certain materials, colors, styles, and graphics organically transition from one season to the other


modern everyday life and sportswear continue to be our key inspirations. in spring/summer 2022 we also looked a lot to australia, where the first grand slam of the season always kicks off


the blue and white color story is definitely pointing towards the australian open and so is the general laid-back feel of the collection. we also have a bit more of a mediterranean colored package inspired by butter yellow, cream and ripe olives that we clash with a fierce granny smith apple green


consistency is key to us and so we continue with our signature tennis green, the darkest of tennis navy, sporty color blockings and minimalist sport club graphics


our materials are heavier than the industry standard because we want them to be durable enough to last. the best feedback you can give us is that styles still look new after several washes, become softer with time and have been worn by at least three kids


we feel that versatility is what defines modern everyday clothing. clothing that adjusts easily from one context to another. clothing that allows freedom of movement. simple clothing with a unique design dna, that happily ignores wacky fashion trends

Team raquette


The future is now.

At raquette, they understand the global impact and ripple effect of every human action.

raquette does not only design their garments and collections consciously - meaning, product, quality and functionality comes before a main design story - but the active participation in creating a better world is one of the main pillars of being a conscious and ecological fashion brand.

Besides using 100% ECO cotton for the collections, raquette is partnering with to offset CO2 emissions.

With every online order placed, raquette and will plant a tree in your behalf to support global reforestation

The future is in our hands every day, let´s become conscious contributors to a better and brighter world by understanding that every little stone thrown into the water, provokes the ripple effect that
eventually creates a wave of wellbeing for the whole planet.

Looking good
Feeling good
Taking responsability


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SS22 collection

Today, March 10th 2022, is the official launch of the SS22 collection of raquette!

Simplicity, comfort and consistency can go a long way in a world where the canvas is constantly changing.

More than ever, freedom has become the common desired dominator in our every day lives. That is why at raquette, minimalism and quality are at the forefront of the collection.

Kids running around, feeling free to move, to observe and to play without restrictions. Feeling happy, healthy, and comfortable in your everyday life and skin!

Raquette produces sustainable garments that promote an active lifestyle, in 100% pure eco cotton that are designed to last.

Take a look at their beautiful SS22 collection that reflects a statement of freedom, simplicity and quality for the next generation!








logo raquette - ultramarine green - png_edited.png

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